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Thursday 06 November, 2014

I guess my testimonial won't make it in seeing that you edit them at your discretion and have the right to not post it...but that's ok...I am part of a huge coupon group and I will get the word out for everyone in it to avoid your site...If I don't get my coupons by tomorrow...I will contact paypal. Once again....I get your coupons after the sale ends..You must send them out after the post office closes so really they are going out the day after that....that's the only thing I can think of. I get my coupons so quick from sites across the county but every time I order from you...it always takes forever...thanks again for making my shopping experience this week nothing but a tedious disaster....
nothing like submitting 40 coupons at the customer service desk!!!
Testimonial By: veronica Lake — Hartford, CT — .

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